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In ancient China, the scholar’s studio was one’s refuge from the difficulties and concerns of daily life. It was a private place where one retreated alone or with close friends to quietly enjoy art, literature, music and tea. Even Emperors sought privacy and peace in such spaces, the most notable being the personal studio of Emperor Kangxi, known as “The South Study Room” – the inspiration for Nanmu Studio.

Like in ancient times, we still crave a space dedicated to inner cultivation – a place for the duties of the outside world to be balanced with the mind’s need for nourishment and rejuvenation. Building upon ancient wisdom, Nanmu Studio sees the tradition of the scholar’s studio as a way to provide much needed balance for the modern lifestyle.

The contents of the scholar’s studio were chosen carefully not only for their function but as a way to create an atmosphere that was elegant – as if in a fine painting. Furniture played a major role and its design could be appreciated for its intelligence and hidden meaning. Scholar’s objects added beauty and function for various refined methods of practice and meditation.